Achieving Global Mental Health Equity:

Making Cultural Psychiatry Count

5th World Congress of the
World Association of Cultural Psychiatry

Columbia University, Morningside Campus, New York, NY

PreCongress: 10 October 2018 | Congress: 11–13 October 2018



Culture affects every aspect of clinical care

This conference brings together the world of cultural psychiatry — psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and others in mental health, anthropology, history, and social science colleagues from around the world — to share how best to implement a culture-focused approach in mental health practice. We aim to overcome health and healthcare disparities and promote global mental health equity in access, engagement, and quality of care for diverse populations.

III World Congress, London 2012

World Congress Overview

This conference focuses on the work of individuals and groups from around the world who are applying cultural psychiatry principles and practices in their daily activities across a broad range of mental health-related responsibilities.  In the face of time, knowledge, and financial constraints, we strive to make cultural psychiatry count.

The World Congress convenes clinicians, administrators, researchers, educators, policymakers, consumers, and advocates to share their expertise and experience as well as their challenges and solutions in a frank and productive international exchange.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Best practices for disparity reduction in mental health
  • Building trust, therapeutic alliance, and treatment negotiation across cultures
  • Local adaptation of evidence-based practices
  • Financing of culture-focused approaches
  • Implementation of inclusive definitions of culture that encompass multiple aspects of identity
  • Engaging policymakers to address mental health needs in low-income settings
  • Role of consumer peers in cultural competence services
  • Innovative training methods in culture-focused care
  • Brief cultural assessment in high-demand settings
  • Implementation of culture-related information in treatment planning
  • Advantages and limitations of task-shifting in low-resource settings
  • Collaboration with community healers and helpers

IV World Congress, Puerto Vallarta 2015

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The 5th World Congress will be held in New York City

Columbia University, Morningside Campus
116th Street & Broadway, New York, NY 10027

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